Summary: A new release of axiUm – Version 7.05 – is now available for dental organizations. This updated version increases the efficiency of approval workflows for both dental student providers and faculty.

Exan is pleased to introduce the latest edition of axiUm – Version 7.05. Available now, the updated version includes several new enhancements that benefit dental education organizations. This new version is designed to increase the efficiency of approval workflows for both dental student providers and faculty.

Version 7.05 gives your dental organization many compelling reasons to upgrade your axiUm software. Now is the time to take action. Want to know more? Contact axiUm’s Support Department today.

Why upgrade?

Software updates are important. Not only can they save your staff time, reduce headaches and increase productivity, they can be critical to your digital safety and cyber security. At Exan, we are dedicated to upgrading axiUm regularly to help your dental organization more effectively manage your dental clinics and improve patient care.

axiUm version 7.05 includes several enhancements with a focus on improving usability and functionality. Based on feedback, and with an emphasis on ensuring that information is complete, accurate, and available to the correct audience, this release allows you to manage students and financials more easily and effectively.

To learn more, watch our webinar recorded live on July 31, 2019 to see all the latest updates and improved functionalities. Click here to watch the recording.


What’s new in 7.05?

1. Improved Functionality

The Patient Approvals window has been re-designed to allow you to view the list of all unapproved items for the current patient and filter them by user, date and type (by default, items for the current session are selected). Various error/warning conditions are checked at the most appropriate time during the approval process, allowing the corresponding audience to handle them. Billing information for treatments is now displayed in a separate window that can be opened on request. Handling approval of multiple selected items and security checks for the approving user were also improved.

A new request-based workflow for approvals has been implemented. Students can now request approval of (unapproved) items when they are ready for faculty approval, thereby streamlining the process. With the timing changes previously mentioned, key checks for error/warning conditions (including those specified by a Clinical Intervention of a new type) occur before the instructor’s involvement, helping to ensure items are fully ready prior to engaging faculty.

Additionally, you can now “undo” a patient check-out from the axiUm Scheduler module. This saves time when a check-out is completed in error, reducing the number of unnecessary calls to the Support department.

2. Improved Accuracy for Financials

Financial warnings, which are detected during patient approvals, are now displayed for the corresponding treatment records in axiUm Transactions and EDI Claims modules. This helps to ensure that the appropriate audience can identify and correct any financial issues with these records.

We’ve also created new ways to improve accuracy for A/R department reports. You can now configure rules to associate the correct practice and one of the custom treatment fields (used as ‘location’ by many axiUm users) with the clinic, where the appointment takes place, provider type and year. Whenever a treatment is approved or added/modified (where appropriate), axiUm will set a default practice and custom field based on these rules. This provides additional control for tracking where work occurs in your organization, as well as how it is tracked.

3. Improved Communication

Approval users can now receive email notifications for all messages received via axiUm and DoctorAccess, regardless of the sender’s notification settings. This allows instructors to stay informed even when they’re not logged in to axiUm or DoctorAccess.

The ‘back-and-forth’ communication between students and faculty, during the approval process, has been reduced. Enhancements have been made to the patient approvals workflow, including changing of the timing of checks for errors/warnings and the ability to request approval. Many of the warnings/errors will now be handled by students before the faculty attempts to approve the corresponding items and faculty will not need to communicate them back to students.

Faculty users no longer need to communicate information about observed financial warnings to the corresponding audience, since these warnings are now displayed in the financial modules. Moreover, financial warnings can now be suppressed from displaying for faculty users in order not to distract them during the approvals process.

4. New Technology

Ensuring your ability to stay current with related software and new technologies, axiUm 7.05 now supports DrFirst’s Rcopia 4. A system-wide update of Rcopia, Rcopia 4 is designed to utilize the latest industry standards and technology. The latest application offers a modern UI with a greater level of customization and improved workflows.

Note: axiUm eRx clients must be running axiUm version 7.03 or higher by November 15, 2019, in order to migrate to Rcopia 4 before the end of the year.

Additional improvements have also been made to ‘Promoting Interoperability’ (formerly Meaningful Use), in order to meet requirements for Stage 3. The main changes include:

  • Ability to import/export QRDA files, including bulk import of QRDA
  • Ability to send C-CDA files via email through
  • Ability to specify sections to include in a C-CDA file and order the
  • Ability to schedule C-CDA exports.

In conclusion

This latest version 7.05 of axiUm gives your organization so many great reasons to upgrade your axiUm software. We’ve included several new enhancements that increase the efficiency of approval workflows for both dental student providers and faculty.

Upgrade to version 7.05 today! Download a PDF copy of the Upgrade Guide from the axiUm Community Portal or click here to contact Exan’s axiUm Support Department.

Want to learn more? Click here to watch a recording of our July 31, 2019 webinar.


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