Inbound Referrals

Streamline your dental clinic’s inbound patient referral management process. Electronically accept referrals to your institution and save time.

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Inbound Referrals helps your dental institution streamline its inbound patient referral process, by electronically accepting and managing referrals from outside sources.

When an outside source wants to refer a patient to your dental clinic, they simply complete an online web form which electronically sends the information directly to your axiUm software. The Inbound Referrals module allows you to customize and control the information you want to collect on the form.

Once submitted, your clinic staff are notified of the form via the axiUm Messenger module. From here, they can easily review the form and choose to accept or reject it. If desired, they can attach the form to the patient’s axiUm electronic health record.

Know the Benefits

Discover how your dental organization can benefit from axiUm Inbound Referrals.
Expedites Referral Processing

Drastically shortens processing time, by enabling outside sources to submit patient referrals via an online web form.

Improves Document Management

Eliminates the need for manual document storage and efficiently organizes and track documents directly within axiUm.

Saves Time

Reduces the time your clinic staff spend on manual, time-consuming tasks such as scanning, emailing, faxing and mailing paperwork.

Promotes Patient Care

Provides a great first impression for referral sources and new patients & safeguards your patients’ protected health information.

Inbound Referrals Features

Streamline your referral management process with axiUm Inbound Referrals.
Collect Data Electronically

Accept patient data via online web forms and electronically send the referral information directly to your axiUm software.

Customize Data Collection

Collect patient data on your terms. Customize and control what information you want to receive.

Manage Documents

Allow your axiUm users to efficiently manage and track patient referral forms electronically, eliminating manual paperwork & time-consuming tasks.

Receive Secure Messages

Enable your clinic staff to receive secure axiUm Messenger notifications, when online referrals arrive from outside parties.

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