Meet Your Customer Success Team

Previously we provided you with an update on axiUm Customer Success, sharing our goals for 2022. Since then, we have solidified the team and wanted to introduce you to the faces of the axiUm Customer Success team. Many of you have spoken to or exchanged emails with some of these folks.


Duncan Davidson
Duncan, who was absent on picture day, is our Executive Customer Success Manager. He is dedicated to engaging at the executive level, to ensure we are more regularly updating our customers on the latest with Exan and axiUm and capturing regular feedback.

Sandi Acres
Sandi is our Technical Account Manager. She works with many of our customers on a regular basis to identify and address technical challenges, provide workflow and configuration specific updates as new releases come out, and submit and track bugs as well as feature requests. Sandi is also leading the charge on our axiUm Insights initiative.

Abhimanyu Arora
Abhi is an Account Manager. He manages a majority of the inbound requests from our customers for module demos, professional services engagements and more. He's spent the past several months ramping up his product knowledge to help our customers find more ways to leverage axiUm. He's also in charge of outreach when we have initiatives like axiUm Insights to share some of the benefits of the things we're working on.


These folks will be reaching out frequently throughout the year to keep you updated on the progress we are making at Exan. We're also shifting our focus on ways we can deliver value in the solutions today, while we continue to innovate for what's coming next. If you have questions about Exan's priorities, axiUm best practices, or you're not sure who to speak with, feel free to email and one of our team members will direct you accordingly.

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