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I am a valued contributor at Exan.
I produce high-quality work that I am proud of and my team stands behind, I am pleasant to be around and enjoy what I do.


We’re all here for the betterment of the whole. We believe in participating and engaging respectfully with each other to push the success of Exan forward.


We enjoy and care about those we do business with. We strive to make all interactions pleasant and meaningful. We provide value through our products and services.


We feel a sincere responsibility to positively contribute to the people around us and throughout the world. We always do what we can and consider helping a privilege.

About Exan

Exan is a proven leader in dental management software. With over 25 years of experience in the software marketplace, Exan has built a trusted reputation for software that is secure, practical and robust.

Recognized as an industry leader, Exan operates its four software business groups – Dental Academic Institution, Dental Group Enterprise, Private Practice, and Hygiene Institution divisions – through a centralized network which services North America and Europe.  With offices in Canada and the United States our goal is to make every client the best reference possible.

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At Exan Group, your privacy is important to us. The following statement describes the privacy practices we use on our Web site.

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Get to Know Us!
The Nitty-Gritty

We make premier dental software for large dental organizations with over 88% of North American Dental Universities using our products.

Lots of technology professionals go their entire careers without working on a large application like ours that is also beneficial to society. Each day our products and services touch thousands of dental professionals and impact thousands of patients.

In a nutshell, we make a positive impact on society and we’re pretty proud of it.

Our Framework
Average Years of Service
Emails Sent & Received Daily
Pieces of Free Fruit Provided Monthly
Exan Perks

Healthy Environment

  • Free hot beverages
  • Social events
  • Free parking
  • Extended health, vision, and dental care package
  • Education support plan
  • RRSP matching program
  • Prescription drug program
  • Life and disability insurance
  • Emergency medical travel insurance
  • Carpool and transit incentives

Worklife Fit

  • Hybrid-Remote work
  • Flexible office hours
  • Consolidated working hours
  • Birthday time-off and lots of cake
  • Paid charity and volunteer days
  • We want to achieve the right balance between your personal life and your work life

Going Green and Giving Back

  • Committed to leaving your car at home? Exan reimburses 50% of monthly transit passes
  • Raising money for a not-for-profit cause? Exan will match dollar for dollar
  • Want to join a not-for-profit event like the Sun Run? Exan will cover the registration fee

Food Facts

Work will always be work but here at Exan we like to have a little fun. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some numbers for your enjoyment.

Please Note: Foodiness is strongly encouraged here. If you’ve got it, bring it, if you bring it, share it… feed the family.

Cups of (free) Coffee consumed on a daily basis
Monthly opportunities to stuff your face
Staff who 'claim' they're going on a diet next month


Here at Exan, Team Work is Everything!

Rachel Nelson


Shawn Stouten

VP of Operations

Tamara Lee

Director of Support & Services

Surita Bains

Director, Product Management

Klaus Johansson

Director, Software Development

Aaron Lee

Director, Ascend Growth

Sam Khattab

HR Manager

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