Treatment Management

Put patient care at the top of your list. axiUm has several modules which allow your organization to effectively manage treatments in dental patients.

axiUm Core Modules

Electronic Health Record

Record, store, and access a patient’s clinical activity in one central location. Includes the odontogram chart, patient alerts, problems, and objectives, medications and prescriptions, treatment history and images.

Perio Chart

Maintain electronic records of patients’ periodontal conditions in a perio chart with custom fields and forms.

Information Manager

Create and customize reports, statements, and letters with the data at your fingertips. Allow users to design advanced queries.


Move to a paperless environment. Record and store clinical-related patient information in customizable electronic forms.


Eliminate paper by scanning and storing digital copies of paper items. Keep full, electronic dental records.

Treatment Planning

Bring your dental students from the classroom to the clinic. Allow students to follow through, from patient diagnosis to treatment, using an educational step-by-step guide.

axiUm Plus Modules

Lab Tracking

Create and manage lab order forms. Monitor and track the status of lab orders being sent to both internal and external labs. Learn more.

axiUm eRx

Connect dental providers, dental student providers, patients, and pharmacists with electronic prescribing. Powered by DrFirst Rcopia®, eRx streamlines the prescription process by combining the searching, documenting and writing out of prescriptions of non-controlled substances into one simple automated process. Learn more.

Ortho Manager

Maintain both dental and orthodontic information in one system. Access orthodontic-specific tools such as orthodontic letter templates, billing procedures, and scheduling processes. Learn more.

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