Third-Party Integrations

axiUm third-party integration solutions allow you to quickly add features and external applications to support your business processes. axiUm's generic solutions for integration will save you effort and minimize case-by-case integrations with different applications.

Linked Apps – UI Integrations

Available now in axiUm v 7.11

Unlimited Applications

Linked Apps allow you to integrate with an unlimited number of applications.

Easily Open URLs & Command Line

Linked Apps can open URLs through your default browser or launch executables via the Command Line.

Specify Parameters & Format

Linked Apps uses customized Oracle functions that allow you to specify the parameters and format required when launching the application.

Easily Transfer Patient Information

Linked Apps can be customized to be patient-based or user-based, allowing patient information to be passed to the app or user-based to support grading & scheduling applications, etc​.

Manage User Access

Access to each Linked App is managed at the user level and is controlled by the customer system administrator.

Manage Station Access

Access to each linked application can be controlled at specific stations.

Version Upgrades Not Required

Linked Apps configuration update or creation does not require an axiUm version upgrade​.

No Training Required

Training is not required for Linked Apps end-users or system administrators.

Open Platform Solution

two-way API communication (coming soon)

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