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What’s New in axiUm Version 7.08?

Find out what’s new in Version 7.08 of axiUm. Recorded live Nov 17, 2021. In this webinar, we review all the new features and enhancements in version 7.08 of axiUm. Heavily based on client feedback and requests, it includes several enhancements that are focused on usability, and improving access to information for axiUm patients, users, and administrators.

Automating Insurance Processing – Reduce Manual Work with Payment Remittance and Eligibility Checks

Discover how to effectively streamline your insurance payment processes in axiUm. Two dental schools experts in revenue cycle management – R. Lynn Conway, Revenue Cycle Director at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and Carol Sloane, Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Management at NYU College of Dentistry – share how their teams save valuable time and expedite insurance payments using axiUm’s EDI Remittance (835) module.

Lab Case Management – A Case Study

Discover how one dental school improved its lab management process with DDX eLab and axiUm. We sat down with the school’s Director of Clinical Systems – David Dodell, D.M.D. – to hear how his team improved communications, documentation, audit trails and security.

Connect with Your Dental Hygiene Education Operations 24-7 and Get Back to Business 40:18

Crisis tends to magnify the real value of connectivity. When you need immediate access to patient EHR data but have no means to do so, business suffers. Now is the time to adapt your clinic strategies for 24/7 connectivity, by starting the “cloud conversation”. It’s time to get your dental hygiene education program back to business!

What’s New in axiUm Version 7.07?  40:57

Find out what’s new in the latest edition of axiUm – version 7.07. Such as new features to support virtual consultations and increase loading speeds. As well, there’s a new functionality to permit the deletion of perio charts, an archiving feature for inactive patient records, improvements to enhance inbound referrals, and enhancements that optimize database size.

Single Health Record  30:40

When a patient enters a healthcare facility, they expect their information to be seamlessly shared amongst the necessary specialties such as medical and dental. Watch our webinar to find out how your health care organization can achieve this Consistency of Care.

BigMouth Dental Data Repository  38:55

To effectively conduct research, dental schools can greatly benefit from access to patient data derived from multiple electronic health records (EHRs). Enter “BigMouth Dental Data Repository” – a centralized oral health data repository using real-life, anonymous patient information.

What’s New in axiUm Version 7.05? 31:20

Find out what’s new in Version 7.05 of axiUm. We’ll review and discuss the improved features and key benefits, particularly the new changes to axiUm’s approval workflows.

The Four P’s of Maximizing Revenues – Patients, Payers, Payments and Processing 23:17

We discuss the four P’s – patients, payers, payments and processing – and the roles they play in helping to maximize your dental organization’s revenues with axiUm.

6 Ways to Optimize the axiUm Experience at Your Dental Organization 25:21

In this webinar brought to you by Exan Professional Services, we discuss and show you 6 ways you can enhance axiUm for the benefit of your dental clinic.

Manage Lab Orders Efficiently. 4 Ways to Streamline Workflows Between Your Dental Clinic and the Lab 24:55

In this webinar we discuss 4 ways you can improve the workflows between your clinic and the lab. And you’ll get a sneak peek demo of our new axiUm Plus module – eLab.

8 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Dental Patient Payments & Inbound Referrals 17:56

We discuss several ways dental organizations can more effectively manage their patient payments (with the axiUm Lockbox module) & manage their inbound patient referrals (with the axiUm Inbound Referrals module).

What’s New in axiUm Version 7.03 24:48

Discover what’s new in axiUm Version 7.03. We highlight all of the new updates and improved functionalities. Plus, we discuss practical ways you can use the new features for the benefit of your dental organization.

The Top 5 Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare and Dentistry 28:15

You’ve probably heard the buzz word ‘interoperability’ when discussing the integration of healthcare software, but did you know it can bring big benefits to your organization?

Boost Patient Returns. Tips to Improve Recalls in Your Dental Organization. 43:36

Learn the importance of developing an effective recall program for your organization and boost the number of patients who return to your dental clinic.

ePrescribing and Medication Management. What You Should Know About EPCS. 50:34

Learn the rules and regulations behind Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) and discover how your dental organization can plan and prepare for the future.