Partners & Vendors

Everyone benefits when you work together. That’s why Exan partners with a network of world-class companies whose solutions connect with axiUm. These programs complement and extend the power of axiUm, by providing additional functionalities and allowing you to maximize efficiencies in your dental organization.

axiUm Connected Partners


Sends automated, personalized appointment reminders via text, email and voice. When patients confirm, your axiUm Schedule is automatically updated in real time. For more information visit

*Only available in North America.

axiUm eRx

Connect dental providers, dental student providers, patients, and pharmacists with electronic prescribing. Powered by DrFirst Rcopia®, eRx streamlines the prescription process by combining the searching, documenting and writing out of prescriptions of non-controlled substances into one simple automated process. Learn more.

*Only available in North America.

NEA FastAttach®

Reduce administrative costs, expedite claims processing, receive fewer claim denials and improve your collection rates. axiUm’s integration with NEA FastAttach automatically identifies which treatments require supporting documentation, and upload and attach those documents. Watch the video.

*Only available in North America.

Sentry Spellchecker

Ensure your clinical notes are accurate. Check the spelling of your clinical notes entries in axiUm with Sentry’s spell-checking tool.


Get the perfect address – every time – with Melissa’s accurate patient address verification lookup tool.


Increase insurance case acceptance, insurance estimates, production, and collections with Trojan’s patient insurance policy verification tool.

HL7 Interface

Translate and transfer data imported from an outside software system into an axiUm database, or from an axiUm database into an outside software system.

axiUm Certified Integrations

Imaging Bridge

Instantly access your patient images (scans, x-rays, 3D images, etc.) from a variety of PACS. axiUm’s Imaging Bridge connects to several different solutions that offer the storage, retrieval and viewing of digital DICOM images.

These solutions have advanced EHR integration with axiUm, giving you the ability to easily view your patients’ images directly from the axiUm EHR Imaging tab:

  • Dentoptix (VixWin)
  • Dexis
  • MiPACS

These solutions link to axiUm and allow you to view your patients’ dental and medical images:

  • Aycan Viewer
  • Aycan Capture
  • Cygnus
  • DDX Lab Case Management
  • Dolphin
  • EBM View
  • EBM Export
  • Florida Probe
  • iCAT Viewer
  • iCATQ Capture
  • Image FX (SciCan)
  • InfinittQ Capture
  • Infinitt Viewer
  • Instrumentarium (APTERYX)
  • Kodak (Carestream)
  • MediaDent
  • Ortho Insight 3D
  • PlanMeca (Dimaxis)/Romexis
  • Schick CDR DICOM
  • Sidexis (Sirona)
  • Soredex Digora
  • Triton
  • VistaDent
  • XDR Radiology
  • Xelis Dental
  • XrayVision

Call Center Bridge

Simplify your incoming patient calls. axiUm’s Mitel® integration reduces manual data entry and saves you time, by automatically searching for a patient’s record based on the caller’s phone number. When found, the call is routed to the appropriate user.

Device Integration

Connect your axiUm system to a variety of convenient devices designed to save you time and create efficiencies in your dental clinic. axiUm works with electronic signature pads, scanners and swipe-cards.
  • ePad
  • Scriptel
  • Smartcards
  • Topaz
  • Twain Scanners

The businesses and products listed here are not owned or controlled by Exan or Henry Schein. Exan and Henry Schein make no independent assessment of the above descriptions and consumers should contact these providers directly if seeking additional information about their products or services.

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