axiUm Modules

Core Modules are the foundation of our base software allowing for effective front-end to chair-side productivity. Plus Modules complement the Core building blocks for a more integrated and complete software solution.

Core Modules


Manage all clinic and faculty scheduling needs including appointments, recalls and waitlists using multiple scheduling methods.

Patients & Patient Card

Access, store and update patient demographic and financial information in an easy-to-view-format.


Create clinical and financial efficiency with a central billing system that simplifies complicated transactions and links to patient financial records.

Electronic Health Record

Record, store, and access a patient’s clinical activity in one central location. Includes the odontogram charting, treatment history, and bridge to imaging.


Move to a paperless environment. Record and store clinical related information in customizable electronic forms.

Perio Chart

Maintain electronic records of patients’ periodontal conditions in a perio chart with custom fields and forms.


Eliminate paper by scanning and storing digital copies of paper items. Keep full, electronic dental records.

Overdue Patients

Track the efficiency of services provided by students using customized functions to monitor quality of care standards set by your institution.

Patient Care

A centralized area to view detailed activity lists, custom reports for patient summaries, centralized overviews, or clinical decision support materials.

Patient Assignment

Assign students to patients based on the students’ competency requirements and patients’ needs, based on screening appointments.

Chart Tracker

Manage the requests and locations of patients’ paper charts for clinics that are not currently “chartless”.


Allow faculty members to review and assess student progress in the clinic. Record student assessments, treatment specific grades and competencies.

Information Manager

Create and customize reports with the data at your fingertips. Allow advanced queries to be designed by the user.

Internal Messenger

Send and receive electronic messages in axiUm. Connect with individuals or groups within the institute.


Customize and configure axiUm for your institute, your own way.

Power Admin (Security)

Allow multiple user levels and roles to be set up to control access to information.

EDI Claims (837)

Manage your outbound claims electronically for faster payment. Save time.

Case Management

Improve your ability to care for surgical patients. Expertly manage surgical procedures requiring anesthetics, such as dental implants and extractions. Learn more.

Plus Modules


Make instrument management and tracking more efficient. Manage valuable dental instrument and supply kits. Learn more or request your demo.


Manage and track dental consumables and supplies. Monitor stock levels and materials usage, plus create and receive orders. Learn more or request your demo.

Lab Tracking

Create and manage lab order forms. Monitor and track the status of lab orders being sent to both internal and external labs. Learn more or request your demo.

Ortho Manager

Maintain both dental and orthodontic information in one system. Access orthodontic-specific tools such as orthodontic letter templates, billing procedures, and scheduling processes. Learn more or request your demo.

axiUm eRx

Connect doctors, patients, and pharmacists with electronic prescribing. Powered by DrFirst Rcopia®, eRx streamlines the prescription process by combining the searching, documenting and writing out of prescriptions of non-controlled substances into one simple automated process. Learn more


Get paid faster. Save time. Lockbox allows your dental organization to receive payments from patients that are made to third-party Lockbox companies (e.g., Wells Fargo, Moneris, Converge). Learn more

EDI Remittance (835)

Manage your inbound claim remittances electronically and save time. Automate the allocation of insurance payments to treatments, avoiding time-consuming, manual processes with the option of automated adjustments on the balances. Learn more or request your demo.

Dental Devices

The Dental Devices module (previously called Implant Tracking) is an optional axiUm+ module that works in conjunction with the EHR module and allows you to scan the barcode of a dental device and associate it to a patient’s record. Learn more

Treatment Planning

Bring dental students from classroom to the clinic. Allow students to follow through, from patient diagnosis to treatment using an educational step-by-step guide.

Health Access Modules


Monitor your clinic wait times and bring patient connectivity to a new level with this “self-check-in” module. Enable patients to sign themselves in, upon arrival at the dental clinic. FirstAccess offers a link to Patient Access.


Keep faculty more informed, organized and connected with mobile instruction. Allow instructors and faculty to access student appointment lists, view and approve student procedures, and send/receive messages from the clinic floor on a portable tablet device.


Give patients online access to personal information, appointments, and forms. Patients can update EPR forms and verify personal information via the Internet.


Give providers web access to their clinic schedules, patient information and axiUm messaging from a desktop or mobile browser.



Gain access to a nationwide interoperability framework connecting to a registry of healthcare providers for seamless sharing and exchange of existing health data across the USA.

Consistency of Care

Provide consistent patient care without compromise. Integrate with electronic medical health records, by leveraging Henry Schein’s Consistency of Care products, services, and resources.


Translate and transfer data imported from an outside software system into an axiUm database, or from an axiUm database into an outside software system.



Third-party integrations via Application Programming Interface (API) to support your dental organizations’ needs.
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