Patient Management

Effectively administer all aspects of patient management including scheduling, treatment planning, tracking overdue conditions and assigning your students to patients.

axiUm Core Modules

Electronic Health Record

Record, store, and access a patient’s clinical activity in one central location. Includes the odontogram chart, patient alerts, problems, and objectives, medications and prescriptions, treatment history and images.


Manage all clinic and faculty scheduling needs including appointments, recalls and waitlists using multiple scheduling methods.

Rolodex & Patient Card

Access, store and update patient demographic and financial information in an easy-to-view-format.


Move to a paperless environment. Record and store clinical-related patient information in customizable electronic forms.

Information Manager

Create and customize reports, statements, and letters with the data at your fingertips. Allow users to design advanced queries.


Eliminate paper by scanning and storing digital copies of paper items. Keep full, electronic dental records.

Overdue Patients

Track overdue conditions in patients and manage the efficiency of services provided by students, using customized functions to monitor quality of care.

Patient Care

Access and view all activity on a patient’s record, such as activity lists and reports, in one centralized area.

Patient Assignment

Assign dental students to patients by matching a student’s competency requirements with a patient’s needs.

axiUm Plus Modules


Give your patients online access to personal information, appointments and forms. Patients can easily update EPR forms and verify personal information via the Internet, anytime from anywhere.


Monitor your clinic wait times and bring patient connectivity to a new level with this “self-check-in” module. Enable patients to sign themselves in, upon arrival at the dental clinic. FirstAccess offers a link to Patient Access.

axiUm Connected Partners


Sends automated, personalized appointment reminders via text, email and voice. When patients confirm, your axiUm Schedule is automatically updated in real time. For more information visit

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