Dental Diagnostic Codes

Dental Diagnostic Codes: Driving Patient Care with Evidence-Based Dentistry

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Evidence-based dentistry is the integration of a dentist's clinical expertise, the patient's needs and preferences, and the most current, clinically relevant evidence. All three are part of the decision-making process for patient care. Assisting practitioners and improving the public's oral health by appraising and disseminating the best available scientific evidence on oral health care helps providers understand...
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Happy Holidays 2020

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The holidays came early this year. Before the candies and costumes had left the shelves, we saw wreaths, ornaments, candy canes, and stockings begin to fill the stores. This year may be the first that I heard holiday songs before November 11th. In our home, we traditionally wait until December…

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Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Teeth: How Data Collection Supports Dental Health and Wellness

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Today, the healthcare industry heavily relies on data collection on a day-to-day basis. From electronic health records (EHR) to research-based outcomes, care professionals are constantly turning to technology and digital solutions for information to properly assist patients in need. As detailed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, care…

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Look Beyond Traditional Dental EHR Software: How axiUm Ascend Can Modernize Your Institution

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Today, industries far and wide rely on technology for many of their essential needs and functions. From hospitals and healthcare facilities to educational institutions, digital devices and software are leading growth for companies and organizations around the globe.  According to Capterra, dental practice management software is defined as the operating…

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