Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Teeth: How Data Collection Supports Dental Health and Wellness

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Today, the healthcare industry heavily relies on data collection on a day-to-day basis. From electronic health records (EHR) to research-based outcomes, care professionals are constantly turning to technology and digital solutions for information to properly assist patients in need. As detailed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, care…

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Implement Cloud-Based Online Dental Software

Tips You Need to Implement Cloud-Based Online Dental Software

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As technology continues to impact many industries for the better, more businesses are getting on board with cloud-based software. In fact, according to a report by Kenneth Research, companies across North America are adopting cloud-based services as they can ease data access, increase productivity and offer greater storage capacity. The…

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Look Beyond Traditional Dental EHR Software: How axiUm Ascend Can Modernize Your Institution

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Today, industries far and wide rely on technology for many of their essential needs and functions. From hospitals and healthcare facilities to educational institutions, digital devices and software are leading growth for companies and organizations around the globe.  According to Capterra, dental practice management software is defined as the operating…

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Temporary Suspension of axiUm Software Licensing Restrictions for Dental Education Institutions

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We have temporarily updated our axiUm licensing restrictions in response to COVID-19. At Exan, we are aware that your institution is facing new challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to continue to adapt and make changes where necessary, to best support our customers. As we partner with you, we…

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