Provide consistent patient care without compromise. Integrate with electronic medical health records, by leveraging Henry Schein’s Consistency of Care products, services, and resources.

A Case Study

Discover how Penn Dental Medicine achieved EHR interoperability between its Dental and Medical health systems.

Access to Medical Data Now Available

Patients experience consistency in care, when their various health care providers have access to a single health care record. This is accomplished by sharing data. Here are some of the many ways axiUm securely shares patient data with other electronic health care systems.

Redox Integration

Redox supports interoperability. It standardizes healthcare data from any source and provides a single API for exchanging healthcare data with axiUm, making scalable healthcare integration possible. The axiUm Consistency of Care module functionality is accessed from both the axiUm Patients module > Patient Info window and Attachments/Consents module. Users can link, sync, and manage linked patients from the Patients module and can view and manage imported Summary of Care files from the Attachments/Consents module.

C-CDA Files

C-CDA files (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) are XML files that contain structured and unstructured patient data and can be used to support health information exchange with other EHR systems. The ability to import or export a C-CDA file is a standard feature in axiUm.

HL7® Interface

HL7® (Health Level Seven International) is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information. The HL7 interface translates and transfers data imported from an external software system into an axiUm database or from an axiUm database into an external software system.

DrFirst Rcopia® Integration

axiUm’s eRx module integrates with DrFirst Rcopia® to streamline the prescription process, by combining the searching, documenting and writing out of prescriptions of non-controlled substances into one simple automated process. Accessed through axiUm’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) module, eRx provides electronic transmission of prescriptions from dental facilities directly to pharmacies. Providers can perform drug interaction checks, access over 65,000 drugs on a national drug database, and electronically submit the prescription to the pharmacy of choice.

HealtheReferrals Integration

axiUm’s Inbound Referrals module works with HealtheReferrals (formerly Fibroblast) to allow dental organizations to electronically accept referrals and streamline their inbound patient referral management process. When an outside source wants to refer a patient to a dental institution, they complete the referral information in HealtheReferrals' web application. This electronically sends the information directly to axiUm.

What are the benefits to patient care with Consistency of Care?

Dental First Design

Our Henry Schein products are dental-first applications built specifically for the dental market. With decades of serving the dental industry, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of our dental schools. As a unified voice we can empower change.

Academic Functionality

From approvals to evaluations, we ensure our system offers the appropriate features for the unique environment of dental schools. We support the ever-changing landscape of academia.

No Compromises

Seamless integration between specialized products ensures no one needs to compromise for better patient-care. We believe that our clients shouldn’t have to limit important details of the patient-record, or work in a system not designed for their unique needs.

Improved Patient Outcomes

When a patient enters a healthcare facility, they expect their information is seamlessly shared amongst the necessary specialties such as medical and dental. An integrated approach allows for better patient experience, without any loss of detailed functionality unique to each.

Why are we Committed to Consistency of Care?

As an industry thought leader, Henry Schein is publicly committed to open architecture and supports the need for interoperability and information sharing between dentistry and medicine, including adoption of an ‘open’ approach to electronic health records. Henry Schein is deeply committed to all our academic partners and we offer our full support to develop a unified voice on this topic to catalyze change.

A Word From Our CEO, Stan Bergman:

We believe “consistency of care” is essential to achieve excellent patient care. The benefits of integrated and consistent care are well-established: improved population health outcomes, reduction in overall health care spend, and empowerment of clinicians to deliver holistic patient care. As the world’s largest provider of health care products and services for office-based dental and medical health professionals, Henry Schein understands and promotes the critical connection between oral health and overall health.

Stan BergmanCEO of Henry Schein

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