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axiUm’s Dispensary module allows you to effectively manage valuable instrument and supply kits for your dental organization. It’s designed to track the daily operations of kits within a large-scale dispensary – from instruments to sundries.

Dispensary can be customized to fit the specifications of any dental institute, regardless of size. It also gives you the ability to track the sterilization of instruments and manage end-of-life cycles, enhancing your quality control.

When you book a patient appointment and select a treatment in axiUm, the Dispensary module automatically places an order for the required dental instruments. It also accommodates any additional requests made manually. Student providers can then check-out these items from the dispensary room. Integrated bar code technology can be used to scan the items in and out.

To ensure items are returned, you can customize the Dispensary module to deny further access to student providers who have not yet returned their instruments. In addition, you can also restrict access for dental students who have balances owing for lost or damaged items.

Know the Benefits

Discover how your dental organization can benefit from axiUm Dispensary.
Saves Prep Time

Automatically determines required instruments, ensures tools are available and facilitates quick check-out.

Prevents Instrument Supply Loss

Tracks who has signed out instrument kits, where they are and when they are due for return. Prevents shrinkage of inventory.

Encourages Instrument Return

Charges student providers for missing kits or overdue items not returned in a timely fashion. Prevents them from receiving more instruments, until recovered/returned.

Ensures Patient Care

Records dental instrument sterilization history, ensuring only clean kits are available for use.

Dispensary Features

Streamline your dental instrument management process with axiUm Dispensary.
Automate Instrument Ordering

Determine which tools are required for procedures, ensure instruments are available, and facilitate quick instrument check-out.

Track Instrument Usage

Expertly keep track of where kits have been signed-out, who is using the instruments and when they are due for return.

Manage Overdue/Missing Kits

Automatically prevent student providers from receiving more instruments, until previous kits have been returned. If needed, bill them for overdue or missing kits.

Track Sterilization History

Record sterilization history, ensuring only clean dental instruments & kits are available for use on patients.

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