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Built for dental academic institutions, axiUm ensures standards of care are met for your patients and allows you to make data driven decisions.

Recognized Industry Leader

Exan is impacting the world through its revolutionary academic dental software. Over 93 % of North American dental schools use axiUm, confirming Exan’s leadership in delivering quality dental management software solutions. With over 25 years of development built into axiUm, you can trust Exan’s reputation for producing solutions that are secure, practical and robust.

Ensures Standards of Care

Ensure your dental organization meets the highest quality of care standards. axiUm enables you to set rules, alerts, and automation to ensure clinic standards are followed. Your providers can effectively monitor dental health records and provide exceptional patient care. axiUm’s Patient Care module, for example, provides a centralized area to access and view all activity on a patient’s record.

Enhances Patient Engagement

Engage your patients and connect them to your care team. axiUm’s effective patient automation tools ensure your organization is providing excellent care transitions. Solutions such as Overdue Patients, Patient Assignment and the PatientAccess portal make access to care simpler for both patients and providers.

Exemplifies Quality Education Standards

Take your dental education program to the next level. Manage faculty and students right within axiUm. axiUm enables your faculty members to monitor, review and assess student progress in your clinic. They can also customize grading schemes according to the needs of your dental institution. For example, axiUm supports both “real time” and “periodic” grading schemes.

Protects PHI with Compliancy & Security

When used as part of a comprehensive security plan, axiUm’s unique security features can help you protect the integrity and security of your patients’ sensitive PHI. For example, axiUm’s Power Admin (Security) module allows multiple user levels and roles to be set-up, thereby controlling who has access to the data.

Supports Interoperability

Everyone benefits when you work together. That’s why Exan partners with a network of world-class companies whose solutions connect with axiUm. These programs complement and extend the power of axiUm, by providing additional functionalities and allowing you to maximize efficiencies in your dental organization. For example, axiUm’s HL7 Interface allows you to exchange data with an outside software system.

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