Get paid faster. Save time. Lockbox allows your dental organization to receive payments from patients that are made to third-party Lockbox companies (e.g., Wells Fargo, Moneris, Converge).

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axiUm Lockbox allows you to receive payments from dental patients via a Lockbox and get paid faster.

Lockbox allows your dental patients to easily make their payments to a third-party Lockbox company (e.g., Wells Fargo, Moneris, Converge). Your organization, in turn, receives batch payment files from payers and axiUm automatically creates the patient payments.

The Lockbox Payments optional feature is integrated to work with the EDI module. Lockbox significantly reduces the amount of time your clinic staff spend manually entering patient payments. This ultimately decreases your costs, saving your institution both time and money. In addition, it scales down the volume of patient collection issues your clinic staff is left to deal with.

Know the Benefits

Discover how your dental organization can benefit from axiUm Lockbox.
Expedites Fund Deposits

Deposits payments into your bank account faster than your clinic staff can do it manually.

Streamlines Payment Processing

Automatically adds patient payments, while payments received are processed and auto-allocated via an overnight process.

Exposes Payment Errors

Lockbox generates an exception list of unprocessed payments, so you don’t miss any payments.

Reduces Collections

Shortens the volume of individual patient collection issues that clinic staff must deal with.

axiUm Lockbox Features

Receive patient payments faster with axiUm Lockbox.
Customize Payer Types

Accommodates different response file formats, giving you control & flexibility when setting-up payer types in axiUm.

Define Bank & Payment Codes

Allows for easy reporting by assigning each payer a defined bank code & identifies your lockbox payments by a defined payment code.

Process Batched Payments

Enables you to process and report, on payments received from Lockbox payers, in batched files.

Auto-Allocate Overnight

Auto-allocates your patient payments via an overnight process, once the payments have been processed in axiUm.

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