axiUm Insights

As a reimagined Customer Success team, we want to find ways to continually add value for our customers. While we are hiring and ramping up team members, we felt data would be a great start to find impactful ways to help you. In 2022, we are launching axiUm Insights, an opportunity for us to aggregate data from participating customers, identify trends and drive configuration and workflow optimizations to help you find better ways to use axiUm.

In 2021, we began planning for this initiative to leverage data and drive scalable insights. We started by identifying high-level benefit statements like “axiUm helps”:

  • Implement Academic Best Practices
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Inform Accreditation
  • Support Funding Applications
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Revenues

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For the initial pilot project customers, we drilled down to more specific examples of how axiUm empowered these benefits and how well customers were leveraging the features that delivered these benefits. The data showed that schools which implemented either a Status Bar or Appointment Indicator, notifying staff that appointments have not had charges entered and approved for the day, achieved 10% higher same-day approvals and their claims were submitted an average of 3 days faster than those that did not.

We would now like to expand this pilot project to validate these results, find more features and identify trends across the axiUm community. To do so, we would run local scripts on axiUm client databases. These scripts only look for patterns and trends, and therefore no patient or provider specific data is transmitted. The data is then aggregated and evaluated as a whole. Where the sample size ends up being too small to aggregate, we will discard that data. Nothing potentially identifying to a client will be published. Some examples would be:

  • Are customers using start checks?
  • How quickly is treatment being approved?
  • How long does it take for a claim to be submitted?
  • Are required consent rules being utilized?

In each newsletter, we will select a few impactful datapoints that we can deliver insights on. We will provide content on workflow and process changes to enhance axiUm environments. Participating customers will receive their corresponding query results to identify optimizations to prioritize.


Interested in participating? Fill in this quick form to register. Have great ideas for questions to ask? Let us know! You can opt-out at any time.

*By completing this form, you are opting your organization in to participating in axiUm Insights. Business Information collected by your participation in this program is considered confidential information. Business Information currently includes module/feature usage, financial metrics, appointment metrics etc. and may change over time. We will collect and use Business Information only as necessary for this program. You can opt out of this program at any time by opening a case with axiUm support.