Ortho Manager

Efficiently manage both your dental and orthodontic information in one system. Access orthodontic-specific tools such as letter templates, billing procedures and scheduling.

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The Ortho Manager module allows your dental organization to keep track of clinical orthodontic information in your axiUm system.

It provides access to a unique configuration of orthodontic-specific tools including customizable ortho letter templates, billing systems, payment plans and scheduling processes.

You can enter clinical ortho information chair-side or post-appointment. Customized controls can be set for each phase of treatment, allowing you to enforce appropriate criteria when scheduling patient appointments and ensuring consistency of care.

The axiUm Ortho Manager module integrates seamlessly with Dolphin Imaging®, saving you time by preventing the need to select the same patient in numerous systems.

Know the Benefits

Discover how your dental organization can benefit from axiUm Ortho Manager.
Ensures Consistency of Care

Establishes faculty/student/patient relationships, which are considered during appointment bookings. Ensures the same group consistently progresses with a patient’s orthodontic treatments.

Supports Ortho-Specific Systems

Efficiently gives dental providers access to unique orthodontic-specific tools such as billing systems, payment plans and scheduling processes.

Saves Time, Creates Efficiencies

Creates efficiencies by allowing quick access to orthodontic letter templates, based on a provider’s procedures and requests.

Improves Provider/Patient Distribution

Effectively monitors treatment stages, ensuring providers are treating patients within a variety of stages rather than most in retention, for instance.

Ortho Manager Features

Expertly manage orthodontic clinic workflows in axiUm.
Use Ortho-Specific Tools

Allows you to access unique orthodontic-specific scheduling & billing systems, as well as customized orthodontic letters.

Set Customized Controls

Enables you to set customized controls for each phase of treatment, to enforce appropriate criteria for appointments. For example, honors faculty/student/patient relationships to ensure the same group progresses with an ortho patient.

Monitor Treatment Stages

Monitors patients’ treatments stages, helping to ensure providers are treating patients within a variety of stages rather than all in retention, for instance.

Compare & Analyze Treatment Results

Allows problems, key clinical findings and treatment results to be compared and analyzed before, during and after active treatment. Patient appointments can then be scheduled to progress in terms of sets and stages.

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