The administrative aspects of running an educational institution’s dental clinic are often responsible for most workflow disruptions. Changing student schedules and patient cancellations can lead to an environment that is stressful on a good day and chaotic on a bad one.

Reduce Risk of Error and Maximize Patient Care

Even the simplest day-to-day administrative tasks of a clinic like contacting patients for appointment reminders or book them for re-care create room for errors. The risk goes up with every added patient and student.

Automate clinic administration

Clinic administration can be improved for patients, students and faculty by going paperless with axiUm Ascend. This solution provides academic institutions with an entirely electronic patient communications system and allows you to automate multiple processes, including:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Updates to patient forms (such as health history)
  • Re-care scheduling

Improve patient experiences

axiUm Ascend utilizes each patient’s preferred mode of contact, sending their reminders or links to required materials via text or email. If your patient population experience challenges filling out forms at home, Ascend can generate them in seconds in the waiting room or even chairside.

Streamline student training

With axiUm Ascend, you can effortlessly gather the information required to deliver superior patient services while streamlining basic administrative tasks for more productive, efficient front office management. Get rid of paper files, and embrace automation, making digitization a central part of your students’ clinical experience.

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