Making Ascend Feel Like Your Own With 6 Easy Customizations

When current systems use too many workarounds to get the job done smoothly, switching to Ascend could be the answer. We’ve carefully designed our system to provide the needed flexibility in the six key areas where our industry research tells us you need it most:

  1. Patient Consent Forms

    Each school we work with gets up to five unique patient consent forms so that you can preconfigure for your most common patient groups. 


  3. Clinic Note Templates

    We allow you to create as many clinic note templates as you want or need and include a wide variety of prompts to make daily repetitive tasks more manageable. 


  5. Patient Communication

    Editable text and email templates make managing recare and appointment reminders easy and intuitive.


  7. Student Evaluations

    You can turn your current evaluations into electronic copies using Ascend. Need help? Our team is happy to show you exactly how. 


  9. Customer Procedure Codes and Multi-Coding

    Custom procedure codes allow student work to be tracked without confusion from non-dental procedure steps. Multiple standardized procedures can be collected as a multi-code to facilitate one-click treatment planning. 


  11. User Roles

    Each user can be assigned to a specific role type to access the information necessary to do their job without crowding their home page with unwanted information. Once a new user is assigned a role, Ascend will automatically populate their home screen with widgets related to these permissions.



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