Considering axiUm Ascend? Your IT Manager Will Love Us

How frustrating is your relationship with your IT department? If you depend on on-premise software to run your clinic, you’re probably familiar with one or all of the following issues:

Workstation Crashes

When a workstation crashes, you have to find another station that is not in use, then try to figure out where you were in a process or even begin all over again.

Constant Calls to IT

Whenever something goes wrong with any aspect of your system, you have to call IT and wait for someone to arrive on the scene to help you.

System Update Issues

Constant updates cause downtime because they happen at inopportune times, or things stop working well because updates are skipped or delayed. Alternately, updates occur on time and outside clinic hours but cause more problems than they fix.

Disconnect Between Imaging and Charting

When your IT department is trying to marry incompatible systems, the process of getting images into a patient file can be frustrating and fraught with errors. Using a dedicated, cloud-based system can help you make connections and image transfers easy and intuitive.

Shift to the Cloud

Without a dedicated representative, every issue is a potential wrench in the works that can impact how well your clinic runs, from scheduling to charting and beyond. When you shift into the cloud with axiUm Ascend, you relieve your IT department of the added burden of managing your clinical software and provide a better experience for staff and students alike.

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