Exan Software Introduces New axiUm Client: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso


El Paso, Texas, January 2022 – Exan announces the implementation and go-live of axiUm with its newest client, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso in El Paso, Texas. TTUHSC El Paso’s Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine opened its doors to an inaugural class of student dentists in August 2021. The school will use axiUm in clinics and simulation labs to acquire patient health records, evaluate students, track their academic requirements, and run its D.M.D. program.

Exan recently spoke with Wendy Woodall, D.D.S., MAGD, professor and associate academic dean at the Hunt School of Dental Medicine, about outfitting the new dental school with leading-edge resources for students from physical resources like product and equipment to software that will facilitate the learning environments in clinic and simulation lab. 

Selecting an EHR 

The Hunt School of Dental Medicine at TTUHSC El Paso is a brand-new dental school, so Dr. Woodall and her team carefully and thoughtfully planned how to deploy axiUm in both their clinic and simulation lab so there would be agreement between both environments. Priorities for the school included streamlined workflows, identical evaluation criteria between clinic and simulation lab, and mitigating risks for students. 

When selecting axiUm, TTUHSC El Paso had significant priorities that played a role in determining their best-fit EHR. TTUHSC El Paso wanted to ensure their dental school would align with the other three Texas dental schools, all axiUm clients. Additionally, TTUHSC El Paso wanted to access the consortium and the data warehouse out of Houston, which axiUm would facilitate; “we thought axiUm would be very advantageous for us in the long term” (Woodall, 2021). As the school is state-funded, the El Paso team needed to ensure they could research the population in Texas. For TTUHSC El Paso, consulting with other schools in the state was an invaluable resource as they mapped out their EHR selection, implementation, and training process.

axiUm’s Assets

Risk mitigation was high on TTUHSC El Paso’s list of priorities – both for patients and students. axiUm’s “start check” tool is an invaluable asset to Dr. Woodall and the El Paso team: “I have used axiUm at my previous schools, and it provides a good learning environment and a way to stop students at certain steps throughout an appointment. We need to have start checks in place to assure our students are learning properly and to protect our patients and institution overall.”

Another asset axiUm offered TTUHSC El Paso is the portal system from FacultyAccess to PatientAccess. Giving patients the ability to enter the portal and pre-populate health information details increases efficiency at the start of appointments. Further, having recorded health information in the portal is an excellent backup when notes, consents, or instructions take time to find.

For TTUHSC El Paso, interfacing with other programs was an essential ask of axiUm. Facilitating Intiveo through axiUm helps TTUHSC El Paso ask patients questions about COVID-19 or confirm patient appointments. The school also values the interface axiUm has with MiPACS, their storage system. Dr. Woodall worked with the Exan team on various custom forms, workflows, and other axiUm features to suit their needs: “We are heavily digital as we move forward into this curriculum, and most of our lab work is designed to be primarily within the campus, so we worked with the Exan team to modify some of our workflows in axiUm. With almost 90% of our work being performed here on campus, we didn’t need quite as many check steps as a school with majority shipping-and-receiving workflow, but we still have that option” (Woodall, 2021).

Modern Technological Vision

As a new dental school, the Hunt School of Dental Medicine is committed to forecasting five years to anticipate what the next five to ten years hold for industry, board, and student expectations. Their top priority is preparing their students to be successful dentists and have a robust technology strategy for bringing their vision to life. The school is technically competitive, from having the industry’s best equipment and products for students to learn with to bringing North America’s top academic dental software, axiUm, to their student’s fingertips. “With a modern technological outlook, long-term forecasting, and a commitment to aligning with industry trends, students can expect top-of-industry standards from TTUHSC El Paso when deciding where they’re going to get their education” (Woodall, 2021).

TTUHSC El Paso dental students are digital natives and thrive in the modern technological environment facilitated by the faculty, equipment, and software at the Hunt School of Dental Medicine. Already, students have enjoyed their experience with axiUm in the clinic and are looking forward to using it more in the simulation lab. Once they become familiar with the software’s process, they have put in the effort and time to learn the system, and they reap the rewards of that knowledge spanning the various areas of their dental education.

About the Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine

The mission of the Hunt School of Dental Medicine is to improve the oral health of the people of Texas and the greater El Paso community by focusing on the unique oral and overall health care needs of the border populations; demonstrating excellence in education, research, and patient care; and providing leadership to the practicing community and other area stakeholders. Such collaborations offer a framework that can continue after graduation and make our students exceptional oral health care professionals, educators, and researchers.

About Exan

Exan is a proven leader in dental management software. With over 25 years of experience in the software marketplace, Exan has built a trusted reputation for secure, practical, and robust academic dental software.

axiUm is the leading academic dental software solution in North America. axiUm allows dental education organizations to find patterns in new and existing methods to help drive behavior for the best possible patient care experience. The secret to Exan’s success has been focusing on customer needs and collaborating with all stakeholders.

For More Information

If you want information about how axiUm can support your academic dental program, please contact Exan’s Customer Success Manager, Mat Tzetzos, at mtzetzos@exansoftware.com.

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