Today, industries far and wide rely on technology for many of their essential needs and functions. From hospitals and healthcare facilities to educational institutions, digital devices and software are leading growth for companies and organizations around the globe. 

According to Capterra, dental practice management software is defined as the operating system that seamlessly manages all dental practice operations, including patient scheduling, service billing and accounting. From the perspective of a dental hygiene school, the ideal solution will combine dental EHR software with practice management and academic elements. Student evaluations and feedback, as well as treatment planning and procedural approvals, are all managed in one secure database to reduce IT costs and make it simple to operate and access clinical data from any given moment. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of dental EHR software, the advantages that come with a cloud-computing option and how our cloud-based platform, axiUm Ascend, can modernize your institution to stay up-to-date with trends and technological developments. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental EHR Software?  

EHR systems, in general, can provide essential information for care providers to make better-informed decisions toward the health and wellness of patients. In terms of dental EHR software and its power to assist institutions, it can enable dental students to gather necessary skills and efficiencies to care appropriately for patients in the future.  

Here are some of the significant benefits of dental EHR software: 

Improve Overall Efficiencies 

EHRs are designed to manage operations across a care facility better. Dental institutions can benefit from the software by using it to take care of management tasks regarding scheduling, providing educational resources and organizing client information. Hence, it is available in one steady platform.    

Better Opportunity to Make Data-Driven Decisions 

 As stated by the American Dental Association, EHR systems can capture and store detailed information about patients that can fuel optimal decision-making for clinical stakeholders and care providers: 

“An EHR system’s ability to capture detailed clinical information in a highly structured manner can enable analysis for quality assessment, identification of areas for improvement, and the design of decision support tools like allergy alerts, medication alerts, and other prompts.”  

With instant access to patient records, institutions can change operations to better suit the needs of clients by allowing students to create updated, well-informed reports.  

Ensure a High Standard of Care Across the Board 

When an institution can provide clear clinical rules across one platform, a higher standard of care can be achieved. Dental EHR software allows administrators to set rules and regulations so that each student follows the same guidelines when providing care; this also creates peace of mind for directors and clinical instructors. When all administrative staff and students follow the same standard of care, each patient has the same smooth and seamless experience with a single institution. 

Create a Customizable Opportunity for Your Institution 

The evolution of technology has made it difficult to predict the future for many organizations. When institutions are trying to keep up with such trends and undergo their changes at the same time, finding a program that allows for flexibility and customization is essential. Leading Dental EHR software solutions are designed to mold each institution’s basic wants and need to accommodate the change. 

What Are the Benefits of Cloud-based Dental EHR Software? 

Any form of dental EHR software can be beneficial for dental institutions and practices, but a cloud-based solution provides agility and speed of execution that helps institutions stay current. Here are some of the advantages of transitioning the traditional dental software to the cloud, or starting a cloud-based dental EHR journey from scratch: 

Enjoy Work Environment Versatility 

EHR software is universal and highly comprehensive, especially when cloud-based. By storing EHR data in the cloud, administrators and students have access to patient records whenever they need it, wherever they are located. Cloud storage is especially imperative amid a crisis when it is challenging to ensure all involved parties can teach, learn, and work within one place.  

Utilize Multiple Devices  

When so many students and administrative staff members are involved, the need for conversion from one device to another is essential. Like work environment versatility during a pandemic, access to crucial data from various devices allows students to continue working as they once were within the institutional setting.  

Enjoy Automatic Updates 

Gone are the days of dedicating time to downloading system updates. Moving to the cloud means enjoying automatic updates. Cloud-based dental EHR software takes away the need to manually download, install, upgrade, or maintain dental education software. Instead, every sign-in comes with a streamlined experience. 

Benefit from Disaster Recovery  

Like system updates, there is value in providing peace of mind to patients and administration when it comes to data security. Patients may feel intimidated by dental EHR software because of the amount of vulnerable information it stores. However, cloud-based systems are designed to offer a secure system that comes with disaster recovery and off-site backup storage, ensuring all sensitive data remains safe no matter what happens.  

How axiUm Ascend Can Modernize Your Institution 

We understand how important it is to provide a convenient yet comprehensive option for dental hygiene institutions when managing so many students. That is where axiUm Ascend comes in.  

This cloud-based practise management solution is designed to help your academic institution go entirely paperless, offering more organization during the transition and beyond. With axiUm Ascend, you can benefit from lower Icosts, connection to multiple devices and the freedom to work securely across your working and learning environment.  

Our main differentiating factor is that this practice management solution is a one-stop-shop. axiUm Ascend is broken up into four different buckets: practice management, clinical tasks, academic features and IT. This makes it easy to access everything you need within one seamless platform.  

As the first dental school to implement axiUm Ascend in 2018, AT Still University’s Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) believes it has completely transformed the institution’s modern touch to the educational experience among its dental students. Dr. Robert Trombly, Dean of ASDOH, recalls its impact: 

axiUm Ascend is the technological foundation of our dental school,” Dr. Trombly shared with Oral Health. “As the EHR for our dental clinics, the software helps support our clinical education program. Our dental school provides an excellent clinical education experience, working with a wide variety of patients, both here on campus and out in the community. We are excited about what axiUm Ascend brings to our program.” 

Traditional dental EHR software does not do everything that facilities among the academic space need. With many schools experimenting with various software, we wanted to provide a solution to make life easier for academic stakeholders. With just a web browser and internet connection, all your dental EHR software needs can be met with our cloud-based solution.  

Are you ready to see axiUm Ascend in action? Request a live demo or contact us directly today to learn more about how our cloud-based solution can benefit your institution.  




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