All the institutions we work with have the same top priority: Ensuring they provide the best possible education for their students, whether they are undertaking study in a dental, hygiene, assisting, or specialty program. Everything your students learn will need to be easy and intuitive to translate to private practice work.

Are Your Students Truly Prepared?

New clinical software must be carefully reviewed to ensure it will fit all your student and faculty needs – from the learning environment to the clinic to private practice.

Many solutions perform admirably from the academic side or provide excellence in clinical functionality. However, they lack the real-world applications that will adequately prepare your students for life in private practice.

You need a product explicitly designed for clinical and academic programs that delivers a high quality, trackable experience, while simultaneously preparing students for life in private practice.

Introducing axiUm Ascend

Created in partnership with Henry Schein, axiUm Ascend has an identical clinical workflow and functionality to Dentrix Ascend. By combining best-in-practice clinical software with best-in-practice academic-focused software, we have successfully created continuity between what your students learn and how they will put their learning into action.

With our latest plans to update the on-premise Dentrix solution, this means all Henry Schein products will soon be the same clinically, whether you are a community college, a large dental university, a DSO like Smile Brands, or a one-dentist private practice.

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