Summary: Take advantage of Exan Software best practices, customer success, industry trends, feature breakdowns, upgrade announcements and more on the blog.

At Exan Software, we believe in improving efficiency in our communication, just as we improve the efficiency of our client’s clinics, faculty, and students. We are introducing a new feature to our website: The Exan Software Blog!

What topics can you expect to find on the blog?

  • Best Practices
  • Customer Success
  • Industry Trends
  • Problem Solving
  • Feature Breakdown
  • Upgrade Announcements

Our blogs are here to provide easily digestible content that ensure every person, at every organization, can learn more about Exan, Dentistry, and beyond.

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What are the benefits of Exan Software creating a blog?

  1. Communication
    Our software is robust, and we can’t expect our clients to know everything. We want everyone’s questions answered and shared with our community. In addition, our blog will break-down features, list upgrade enhancements, and best practices.
  2. Transparency
    Exan Software has incredible clients and we want to show off their great ideas. From a new way to streamline referrals to ideas/topics discussed at events, the blog is here to distill information formally reserved to 1:1 conversations.
  3. Trust
    Exan Software follows through with their commitment to the dental industry. We want our amazing clients to know we resolve to improving their work-lives and our blog is a great channel to show we are listening and will continue to build a trusted relationship.
  4. Big Picture
    It can be easy to get caught in the nitty-gritty details of software. The blog is here to provide high-level topics that affect our clients, the industry, and the world. From trends in financials to dental innovation, we share the information that matters.

If you have any topic suggestions, questions, or want to participate as a case study, please email

We look forward to offering a new channel of support that targets high-level topics!

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