The Four P’s of Maximizing Revenues at Your Dental Organization – Patients, Payers, Payments & Processing

Summary: Dental organizations are seeking new opportunities to maximize revenues, without significantly increasing expenses or workload. This article identifies four ways to achieve this with axiUm. Following is an in-depth look at the “Four P’s” – Patients, Payers, Payments and Processing and the roles these elements play in the process…

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Top 4 Reasons to Use Digital Lab Workflows

Summary: For many years, large dental organizations have relied on outside dental laboratories for a variety of fabrications, restorations and other services. As today’s digital dentistry landscape continues to mature and become more complex, some dental institutions are obliged to work with dental labs differently. Here’s a closer look at how…

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4 ways to effectively manage your inbound patient referrals

Effectively Manage Inbound Referrals

Summary: For dental organizations, referral management has become an increasingly important part of managing the patient experience and coordinating care. Unfortunately, incoming referrals are often lost due a lack of effective workflow processes. The good news is that dental organizations can effectively control and manage inbound referrals. Here are four ways. It’s estimated that patient referrals account for nearly two-thirds of most dental organizations’ new…

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