Whether it’s due to COVID-19 restrictions or you’ve been planning to optimize your dental education clinic for a while, opening up your dental EHR software to access from outside the campus clinic can help facilitate remote study and work.

The Future is Remote and Secure

When you enable outside access to software, your applications and data are no longer tied to specific devices. Instead, they can be accessed anywhere by anyone on any device once proper authorization is in place; this facilitates remote learning, remote monitoring and real-time collaboration by remote teams.

The first step in any remote access situation is deciding who you want to access the system and where. Using axiUm Ascend’s IP restriction, we can help you optimize your access so that only the users you have preauthorized can access the information from outside the clinic.

Empower Faculty, Administrators and Students

Your current dental EHR system may simply restrict access from outside. But, with axiUm Ascend, you can allow faculty unrestricted access so they can readily check the scheduler and complete evaluations from anywhere they have an internet connection. Administrators can manage functions from off-campus, enabling telecommuting.

Assisting programs, vocational schools, and multi-year programs that don’t see live patients for all or part of their tenure can utilize this functionality to make learning more accessible. Giving students remote access can help optimize clinic functions, as restrictions limit the number of people allowed in limited clinic spaces.

We’ve carefully developed our software systems following ADA guidelines for remote access, which we have implemented to maintain HIPAA compliance. With axiUm Ascend, secure access is a top priority.

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