The First-Ever All-In-One Solution for Dental Academic Institutions

Academic institutions offering dental assisting and hygiene programs need appropriate tools to facilitate multiple steps in the educational and administrative processes. Currently, many schools across North America depend on a combination of systems, including:

  • Private practice software, like Dentrix or Eaglesoft, to oversee the clinical processes required
  • Grading software, like Tal-Eval or Foliotek, to facilitate student grading and progress tracking
  • Paper-based systems to cover gaps and ensure appropriate approvals and evaluations are completed

Now, for the first time, there is an all-in-one software solution developed specifically for use in academic institutions and environments.

Introducing axiUm Ascend

Ascend is designed to take your dental education programs to the next level, connecting your students and faculty within a single interface that combines three key academic features into a modern clinical system.

Faculty approvals

Ascend seamlessly notifies faculty when a student requires approval for clinical notes or treatment plans, permitting monitoring for entire classes to be managed from a central location.


Students and faculty can easily and intuitively fill out custom-built competency and sessional evaluations that meet the CODA requirement for self-evaluations.

Student progress tracking

All completed procedures are automatically entered and racked in a progress chart that is accessible by both students and faculty. This functionality allows at-a-glance insights into the number and type of procedures performed for each student.

Ascend drives effective front desk, academic, clinical and business management of your dental school for superior outcomes.

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