As technology continues to impact many industries for the better, more businesses are getting on board with cloud-based software. In fact, according to a report by Kenneth Research, companies across North America are adopting cloud-based services as they can ease data access, increase productivity and offer greater storage capacity. The market is only expected to grow by 2027, at a rate of over 11%.

If you’re in the process of exploring cloud-based online dental software for your dental hygiene institution or practice, a closer look into the benefits can help sway your decision. It’s also important, however, to understand the depth of the implementation process and dedication required for success.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits that come with online dental software, as well as some of the tips to avoid the common pitfalls of cloud-based software implementation:

Benefits of Cloud-Based Online Dental Software

Cloud-based online dental software is the solution of the future for dental hygiene schools and practices. From reduced IT costs and data accessibility to practice efficiency and improved appointment booking, the benefits are many and varied for students, practitioners and patients alike.

Enjoy 24/7 Data Access. Working from the cloud means having access to EHR data whenever you need it – even when you’re away from your dental office or hygiene institution.

Work From Multiple Devices. Beyond the ability to access data from wherever you’re working, you can also do so from the device of your choice, whether it’s a desktop, a laptop or a mobile device such as a tablet.

Gain Peace of Mind From a Security Perspective. Disaster recovery and optimal security measures are included in cloud-based online dental software to provide all parties involved with peace of mind in data safety.

Maintain Automatic Updates. The cloud offers automatic updates so all software features are constantly up-to-date and ready for use.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid During Implementation

Based on the previous benefits, you may be interested in choosing a cloud-based online dental software vendor and starting the implementation process right away. To reduce stress throughout software deployment, you should be mindful of various drawbacks that could potentially disrupt a smooth workflow. Dayna Johnson, a practice management consultant, spoke with Dental Products Report about some of the pitfalls she often sees when she goes in to help a practice implement online dental software. She shared the following:

Disregard for Rules and Legalities
With manual charting, there’s a physical paper trail.

“When you do an electronic record, if you delete something, it’s gone forever,” Johnson said. “Knowing what the HIPAA and payment card industry requirements are, what they can put on their schedules in the computer, where do they make notes in their computer software, what’s secure and what’s not secure – those are the things [users] forget about.”

Understanding HIPAA security, signing documents electronically and locking items up for legal- or compliance-related reasons are commonly overlooked or forgotten practices during early implementation.

Forgetting Data Migration

In dealing with traditional EHR, the paper trail also meant information was always saved. Then, the introduction of technology in this space meant software needed a constant back-up; otherwise, it could lead to lost data.


Thankfully, with the new cloud-based model, data backup becomes less of an issue than it once was with the traditional model; setting aside time to migrate data becomes a more critical priority as a cloud-based online dental strategy backs itself up. Be sure to have a data migration strategy in place prior to transitioning to the cloud – it will make the process more smooth and efficient in the long run.

Tips for Cloud-Based Online Dental Software Implementation

Following strict processes and procedures during implementation is essential to avoiding pitfalls and ensuring the future success of the cloud-based online dental software deployment. Consider the following tips for smooth implementation:

Introduce Staff and Students to the Software Early On
The earlier staff members and/or students can get their hands on new software, the better. Introduce the idea as soon as you can and include every party involved in the implementation process so everyone is on the same page from the start.

 Assign a Primary Point of Contact or Project Champion

Before the project begins, assigning someone to oversee all tasks and manage the workflow can streamline the process. Make sure this person has enough time and energy to devote to collecting reports, resolving issues and communicating with the vendor during implementation.

 Continue Software Education and Training Throughout the Implementation Process

Those using the software in training should feel comfortable and confident enough to utilize the cloud-based solution on their own. Continued education, throughout the implementation stage and beyond, can make this happen. Provide self-serve resources to staff and students so they have information to refer to when a question arises.

Communicate With Your Vendor Regularly

Finding a vendor you can trust is critical because developing a strong partnership during the implementation process can ease the transition. Constant communication between your vendor and dental team can help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure expectations are met across the board.

 Offer Follow-up Training
If students or staff are still feeling intimidated by the software after it goes live, continue offering resources for self-education and make yourself readily available for questions.

Get on Board With axiUm Ascend

When choosing a cloud-based online dental software offering, you want to find one that can modernize your institution, improve overall efficiencies and ensure a smooth and streamlined transition to the cloud. This takes finding a one-stop-shop solution that’s deployed by a trusted vendor, and that’s where axiUm Ascend comes into play.

With our cloud-based practice management online dental software, we can help your academic institution go paperless and reap all of the benefits of cloud-based solutions. Plus, we work closely with all of our clients to ensure an easy implementation process for a more organized transition and a strong partnership.

axiUm Ascend is unlike any other cloud-based online dental software you’ve researched due to its comprehensive platform. It’s broken into four focus areas, which consist of practice management, clinical tasks, academic features and IT. That means you never have to worry about outsourcing to a different provider to accommodate other needs – we’ve got everything covered.

If you’re ready to learn more about axiUm Ascend and everything else Exan Software has to offer, request a live demo or contact us directly today.



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