Managing patient re-care is one of the most critical and challenging tasks in clinic administration. Without a steady flow of incoming patients, dental students will struggle to obtain the skills they need to succeed. Without efficient administrative processes in place, faculty and staff can swiftly become overwhelmed. How can you make re-care a priority and improve administrative efficiency in a single step?

Easily Manage Re-care Bookings

With axiUm Ascend, re-care is seamlessly integrated into your clinic’s administrative process. You can combine re-care booking with Ascend’s patient reminder system to facilitate a steady, predictable patient load from day-to-day.

axiUm Ascend’s comprehensive reporting features and business analytics functions help you maximize your clinic schedule. You’ll go from struggling to coordinate student and patient schedules, to effectively matching student educational requirements with patient treatments. Giving students the ability to further sharpen their skills.

  • Make re-care booking mandatory
  • Optimize appointment management
  • Send outpatient appointment reminders automatically
  • Track upcoming appointment and procedure needs
  • Prompt staff to take new images when patients arrive
  • Seamlessly manage account receivables
  • Significantly reduce rescheduling and no-shows
  • Prevent advancement of patient issues due to missed re-care appointments

All this functionality is paired with a widget system on your homepage and the patient’s file page. Managing re-care is easy to do from any point in your axiUm Ascend system, providing seamless workflows and less confusion. Ultimately leading to better experiences for patients, students, and faculty.


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