Coastal Bend College Dental Hygiene Program noticed significant issues with its software imaging system when the world was in the middle of a global pandemic. Lynn Southerland, the Director of Dental Hygiene, knew the college needed to make changes fast if it wanted to provide students with adequate training and education to use in the real world.

The Problems with Dentrix

Since 2015, Coastal Bend has relied on the on-premise dental software Dentrix because it is used in 60% of North American dental offices and is the system students are most likely to use in private practice.

Unfortunately for faculty and students alike, Dentrix wasn’t specifically designed for use in higher education and is typically functional in only some clinic areas. Coastal Bend was only using the software for imaging, and Dentrix added to the burden carried by an already stretched-thin IT staff.

The Solution: axiUm Ascend

Southerland was already familiar with cloud-based Dentrix Ascend and turned to Exan to inquire about axiUm Ascend, the academic solution. Switching to axiUm Ascend had immediate and beneficial effects, including:

  • Exposing students to treatment plans identical to ones they would likely use in private practice
  • Improved efficiencies from going paperless across the clinic
  • Revised grading competencies thanks to built-in evaluations and streamlined documentation

Exan continues to provide support, and Coastal Bend College continues to trust axiUm Ascend as a key partner in delivering superlative training and education to their students.

Download the full case study here.



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