Use Wellness Checks & Enable Two-Way Chat to Support Safe Patient Reception

Amidst a new normal, many dental schools using axiUm are exploring new ways to manage patient communication and safety for clinic visits. Some institutions are currently innovating customized solutions and finding what works best to screen patients, request COVID-19 testing and results, sign them in at a distance, and keep waiting rooms clear as a safety measure. Without software to automate these processes, many dental schools are committed to the arduous work of manual COVID-19 precautions.

At the heart of Exan is an in-depth understanding of the dental school industry and its unique challenges. We are committed to finding innovative solutions that tackle the root of the issues that dental schools face. Part of that commitment to our customers is our partnership with Intiveo (formerly EasyMarkit). This patient communication software is used by 87% of axiUm customers, because they have a reputation for enhancing patient communication for every touchpoint in the patient care journey.

Two-Way Chat for Virtual Waiting Room

Some dental schools require on-site completion of questionnaires and patient temperature checks before patients attend their appointments. In this way, dental schools must manage many different manual COVID-19 screening protocols at once.

When faculty, staff, and students tackle these processes in addition to their typical duties, the opportunity for error increases. To mitigate some of the risks associated with COVID-induced clinic inefficiencies, some dental schools have enabled Two-Way Chat as a Virtual Waiting Room. This communication tool can prevent physical lines from forming inside the clinic’s reception area.

To see Intiveo’s Wellness Check in action, click here.

To see Intiveo’s Two-Way Chat in action, click here.

Two-way chat easily allows dental schools to communicate with patients via SMS (text) messaging. Patients can respond to SMS reminders, and clinics can directly message patients regarding their upcoming or past appointments.  Patients can also initiate chats. The automated two-way chat enables the clinic to notify and respond to the patient, reducing the need for time-consuming calls while quickly providing information to the patient. By creating templated chat responses, staff can reply promptly and reduce the need to type answers from scratch.

Intiveo can help dental schools stay on top of chats and ensure they respond to patients within a reasonable time. If chats are left unread for longer than one hour, an email notification will remind staff of unread messages.

Pre-Appointment Surveys and Wellness Checks Protect Clinics and Save Countless Staff Hours

Pre-Appointment Surveys and Wellness Checks provide the ability to send surveys prior to the patient’s booked appointment; this mitigates the risks associated with the arrival of a potentially unhealthy patient in the clinic, protecting other patients, students, and faculty. The pre-appointment survey, or wellness check, can include the required pre-screening questions related to COVID-19 symptoms and other general health questions. Specific responses can trigger alerts sent to the designated staff via email notifications.  Reception can monitor responses with ease, saving countless staff hours from pre-appointment phone calls and manual response notation.

Pre-Appointment Surveys and Wellness Checks Protect Patients and Elevate Patient Experience

Dental schools can distribute surveys and wellness checks in advance of patient appointments. Clinics can set a suitable time frame for patients to send their responses in order to determine if the patient is healthy enough to visit the clinic. These surveys help patients understand the importance of not visiting the clinic if they are unwell. The responses help drive appropriate courses of action such as receiving a COVID-19 test, rescheduling the appointment, staying home, or attending the appointment in good health.

The communication lines are open, allowing patients to communicate with their clinic in a quick and organized manner.  Completion of consents and surveys results from using electronic forms and submissions. With the automation of some clinic reception workflows, staff can simultaneously maintain communication with many patients, actioning requests, and providing direction and clarification for patients due to the immediate transfer of information from patients to clinics and back.

Intiveo developed Wellness Check based on the American Dental Association’s (ADA‘s) recommendations in their Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit. Wellness Check is a customizable questionnaire that clinics send to patients 48 hours before their appointment.

axiUm Customers Experience Benefits

axiUm customers using Intiveo are seeing results from the solution. “The impact for clinic staff resulted in saving hundreds of staff-hours from making phone calls; we also knew that messages were going out on an automated and regulated basis,” remarked Dr. David Dodell, Director of Clinical Systems at Midwestern University Clinics. “We use Intiveo to allow our staff to concentrate on in-person patient care, and during COVID-19, there have been many times staff have needed to stay home as a precaution.  This means that many of the additional administrative health questionnaires could be automatically completed even when we had more strain on the demands of our clinic staff.”

If you are already an Intiveo customer, Two-Way Chat for Virtual Waiting Room and Wellness Check are built-in features available to you today at no additional cost. If you want to learn more, you can check out Intiveo’s Help Center for more in-depth setup and functionality information. If you want to learn more about two-way messaging, pre-appointment surveys and wellness checks, or are ready to start using them, contact your Intiveo Customer Success Manager!


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